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How We Create an Effective, Beautiful, and Easy To Manage Site

Don’t let creative hold you back. We are a small team of creatives with a wide-range of talents to help bring any idea you have to life.

Phase One: Planning

Let’s Make it Effective

You want a website for a reason, to drive your business forward, here’s where we lay out the plan to do just that.

Step 1. Discovery and Research

We start by understanding your business goals, target audience, competitors, and website objectives.

Step 2. Content & Copy Creation

We work with you to determine the content for the website, including text, images, videos, and any other media.

Step 3. Site Architecture and Wireframing

Based on the research and requirements, we develop a site map and create wireframes to define the structure, navigation, and functionality of the website.

Phase Two: Design

Let’s Make it Beautiful

Now we need to make it your own, have it stand out from your competitors, and really give users an amazing first impression.

Step 4. Aesthetic Direction

How are you going to be uniquely you? We want to create a custom look & feel for your website so we’ll decide on that here.

Step 5. Hi-Fidelity Design

Then we will do hi-fidelity designs of the screens for your new website so you can get the closest glimpse yet of your final product.

Step 6. Site Animations & Interactions

Then we want to make the site come alive with planning out beautiful site animations & interactions.

Phase Three: Development

Let's Make it Easy to Manage

Now, You just want your site to work and easy to maintain over the coming years. This is where Webflow comes in.

Step 7. Development

Now we start diving into Webflow. This is where the magic is. We can take your beautiful design and turn it into an easy to manage website without any coding or devs needed. Built on a powerful CMS to allow you to manage and edit your own content.

Step 8. Testing and Quality Assurance

Before the website is launched, we perform extensive testing and quality assurance to ensure that the website functions as expected and meets all technical requirements.


Why Webflow?

Don’t let creative hold you back. We are a small team of creatives with a wide-range of talents to help bring any idea you have to life.

Less Cost

There are no developers needed and the time to build is dramatically reduced allowing the final product to be much cheaper than other solutions.

Quicker Launch

Since there is less development time, that dramatically increases the speed to launch and get you up and running faster.

Easy to Manage

It’s build on a powerful, modern, and intuitive platform where you can edit your own content and CMS.

Lower Maintence

Because the platform isn’t open source like WordPress there is far less maintence to perform monthly keeping your costs down and your website broken less.

Pricing Estimations

Here are ideas for pricing on our website projects. It is broken down by the size and type of site along with whether we are doing everything or just design or development. The ranges are based on the complexity of your vision and what you're hoping to achieve.

Single Page Website

These are single page websites that can have all the content you need on one page. These can be great to provide a simple experience for the user.

20-45 Hours


10-25 Hours

Just Planning & Design

10-20 Hours

Just Development & Launch

10 Page Website

These are your standard website sizes for most companies. They might have a CMS or 2 for news or blogs.

75-130 Hours


40-70 Hours

Just Planning & Design

35-60 Hours

Just Development & Launch

30 Page Website

These are larger websites that contain lots of information, unique pages and maybe 5-10 different CMSs

150-300 Hours


85-160 Hours

Just Planning & Design

65-140 Hours

Just Development & Launch


Certain desired functionalities can increase the hours needed to develop your site. Some examples are below

+ 15-30 Hours

Interactive Map

+ 1 Hour Per Element

Very Unique Scrolling Interactions



This was a great collaboration and really how every project should work. Our input was translated into something better than it was, and the process of review and refinement went off without a hitch. We've since worked together on other projects and will continue to do so.
Mark Bloom, A Willing Participant, Inc.
I was very impressed by the turnaround time and professionalism.
Craig Kotilinek, CSK Creative
Verve has been a game changer for us in our Marketing and Advertising materials. What impressed us most was their ability to listen to our wants and needs and finding creative solutions. We will certainly continue to use Tighe and his team in the future, and would strongly recommend their services to anyone in need of animation, UI/UX, and design work.
Grant Stalley, Red Sky
"Thank you SO MUCH for these services - right time, right place, the universe made it happen. I appreciate the quality and care you took to do this, sincerely."
Derek Neuts, Iron Glove Studio
Thanks again for everything! You were wonderful to work with on this project, and I am certain we'll have more for projects in the near future that I would love to collaborate with you on!
Ashley Lundblade, RSM Marketing
Verve consistently exceeds our expectations. They are so easy to work with and turns projects around so quickly. I can’t recommend Verve highly enough!
Emily Smythe, FBCA
Highly recommend the people and processes of Verve Studios!
Craig Kotilinek, CSK Creative
We have used Verve Studios for many different services- from graphic design to Video production. They are repsonsive, talented and enjoyable to work with.
Kari Delgado, The Marketing Posse

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