Video Editing

Turning your footage into a final, polished piece.

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what is it?

You provide us with the raw footage and we'll edit it down into 1, or 30 videos that are polished and ready to be used!

Who is it for?

It’s for those who have shot some footage, but would like to utilize another company to edit it.

How is it used?

This is perfect for a wide range of scenarios from interviews, product commercials, and more.

Our Process

The 3 Critical Steps

We work in tried and true stages for all of our videos in order to predicability get you the best product every time.

Stage 1 // Discovery

Understanding the purpose is a critical step that many can forget. It starts by asking questions. What are you trying to achieve? What footage have you shot? Who are you trying to speak to? It’s all about getting down to the "why" that will run through your project. Once we understand you and your message, we can help others do the same.

Stage 2 // Pre-Production

This stage is about visualizing the end road for your project. We work with you to develop a plan for the videos that will be both effective and on-budget. Getting the project right on paper is the key to getting the final product you want.

Stage 3 // Production

The road has been laid out. All of the decisions have been made. Now it’s simply time to execute. This is when we get to editing and we hit export for the world to see.

Pricing Factors

How the Project is Priced

Production Value

Going for a more polished look, increased details, or complex editing techniques may raise the price of the final product.


The longer a edit is, the more work it takes to produce.

Rounds of Revision

Before starting a project we decide on the number of revision cycles to include in the project.


If a quick turnaround is needed that might increase the expenses of resources and therefore a higher budget might be required.

Let’s Animate Your Idea to Life.

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