UI/UX & App Design

It's more than just looking good, it's about working well.

Partner Together

what is it?

We work with your team to think through what makes the best app and then design it to life.

Types of Projects

App design, platform design, and more.

Our Process

The Proven Path

We find that these steps work the best for most projects. Saving you the most time, money, and headache.

Step 1. Discovery & Planning

The first step is to ask a lot of questions. It's best that we understand what you are trying to build so that we can tackle the problem starting from the same place you are.

We want to understand the goal you are trying to achieve, the user stories and flows, functionality needed, and more.

Step 2. User Flow & Wireframing

Then we need to move this idea in our heads to the structure of an app. We do this first through wireframing where we lay out all the screens needed in a simple way without design so we can evaluate.

Step 3. Design

Once the blueprint of the wireframe has been created, it's now time to make it look great. We turn all the wireframe screens into the final look and feel of the app with custom designs and artwork. And if needed, we can create a high-fidelity interactive prototype to demonstrate the product's functionality.

We like hanging out in this phase for a while to have your team break, question, tweak everything they can before we handoff to the developers, this saves you lots of time and money.

Step 4. Feedback & Iteration

Before the product is launched, we validate the design and gather feedback. Based on the feedback, we refine the design and iterate until we have a product that meets the user's needs and supports the client's business goals.

Step 4. Development Handoff

Once the design is done and approved by all stakeholders our design team then prepares the final designs for development, including all specifications and assets, to ensure a smooth handoff to the development team.

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