Branding & Identity Creation

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what is it?

If you have a new business or brand, you need to make sure it has a unified look & feel across the board.

Possible Deliverables

Logo in various formats and orientations, brand guidelines, social media branding, new print collateral, favicon, company swag and more.

Our Process

How the magic works.

We can always just jump into designing a logo, but like anything in life, it's proper planning that creates the best result.

Step 1. Discovery

The first step is to ask a lot of questions. It's best that we understand as well as you do what this brand is. What does it stand for? Who is the audience? What services or products does it provide? How will this logo be used?

Step 2. Brand Strategy

Based on the research we will develop a brand strategy that outlines key messaging, positioning, and values that will define the brand.

Step 3. Concept Creation

Next, armed with a proper understanding of your brand, we get to work designing out a small set of concepts that we think all work well for your brand. Including the logo, typography, color palette, and other visual identity elements.

Step 4. Refine

Once you pick your ideal logo we can make any refinements or changes that you'd like.

Step 5. Branding Guidelines

We then create a comprehensive brand guideline that outlines the use of the new visual identity elements and provides instructions for future usage.

Step 6. Finalize & Package

Once the client approves the final designs, we assist with the launch and implementation of the new brand, providing the logo and any other assets as needed.

Step 7. Ongoing Support

We are here to support our clients even after the project is completed and provide ongoing branding support as needed. This could be furthering the brand with new sales material, website refresh, and more.

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