Custom UI/UX Design

Here are some ideas that we’ve brought to life.

Our Process

The Proven Path

We find that these steps work the best for most projects. Saving you the most time, money, and headache.

Step 1. Discovery & Planning

The first step is to ask a lot of questions. The more we understand the goals of the platform, the better the product we can design.

Step 2. Site Blueprint & Wireframing

Based on the research and requirements, we develop a blueprint to define the structure, content, roadmap, and functionality of the platform.

Step 3. Content & Copy Creation

We work with your team in order to determine what you want to say. In addition to the copy, this includes images, videos, graphics, and more.

Step 4. Design

Once the content has been created, it's now time to make it unique and beautiful. We take all the content and design it into the final look and feel.

We like hanging out in this phase for a while to have your team evaluate, question, tweak everything they can before we handoff to the developers, this saves you lots of time and money.

Step 5. Development Handoff

Once the design is done and approved by all stakeholders we share all the assets, CSS, and more with the developer making it an easy and clean handoff.

Step 6. Testing & Quality Assurance

Before the platform is launched, we perform extensive testing and quality assurance to ensure that the platform functions as expected and meets all technical requirements.

Let's Work together

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