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Design Partner To a Revolutionary Energy Investment Platform

We got connected with EnergyFunders at a critical moment in their company's journey. They were transitioning from an old brand and needed a partner who could help make that transition smooth and consistent across all their visual mediums. 

The Brand

First we met with the client to understand what they wanted out of their new brand. They wanted to bring their brand into the modern age with a sleek and modern look that most modern investing platforms have nowadays. We ended up developing a color and branding that we felt matched this desire perfectly.

Website Redesign

With a new brand comes a need to redo their website. But they wanted to re-imagine their website with this new brand, not just swap out logos and colors. So we took to Figma and designed out a fully custom site and helped consult on what pages would be most critical to add to their new online experience.

New Platform UI/UX

In the midst of this change they wanted to build a brand new investment platform from the ground up. So we met with them to build the requirements of what was needed and then started building out the application page-by-page. We wanted this investment experience to be a natural extension of the new brand, and we think we achieved just that.

Sales & Marketing Materials

With a new brand comes a need for revamped sales and marketing materials. We worked with their marketing lead to create a list of all the materials that needed to be created and then got to work.

Social Media & Email Graphics

We also help provide other assets typically needed for marketing efforts. This didn’t just end with the initial rebrand but we continue to provide assets that they use across many mediums to have a more cohesive brand. 

Custom Animations

Along with graphics we also created various videos and animations for EnergyFunders that they used across many different platforms.

Live Video

We edited together a series of videos from a live video shoot.

Investor Reports

We don’t only help out with marketing but we also help out with the assets needed for their current investors.

Child Brand: Hash Host

This client also started another company that they trusted us to help launch as well. With this new brand they were using their energy resources to help mine bitcoin. With this project we helped develop them a new brand, website and sales deck.

Child Brand: EF Black

Within the EnergyFunders brand they wanted to create a sub-brand used for the higher income individuals that needed to feel more like a special club. With that goal in mind we went and developed the brand and marketing materials for EF Black.

WOW. This is fabulous. Thank you guys so much for all the hard work! I really appreciate it.
Laura PommerChief Executive Officer

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